Sometimes when people take a look around our rooms, they ask how will my child learn socially? How will they make friends? 

In Montessori classrooms, everything is presented on individual trays or individual baskets. It is designed for a child to choose them and work with them. How then will children in our environment learn to be part of a group? 

Humans are inherently social creatures, we can’t exist in our homes, workplaces, communities without other people. Children in our communities will share morning tea together, invite a friend to help them complete a puzzle or show a younger classmate how to use a piece of equipment they are familiar with. They bond over shared interests in art or music. They enjoy gardening, building sandcastles in the sandpit or navigating the climbing equipment together.

They learn to ask their friend for the pouring work after they’re finished with it. We have group times where we enjoy shared stories, music and celebrations. Children will learn from each other and with each other. The difference is children have the choice of working individually or with a friend or part of a group. Respect is a big part of the classroom environment; we model respectful interactions with our tamariki and encourage problem-solving and working together to bring peace and joy in our community.