Our Philosophy

Montessori Children’s House Kerikeri

Established in 2019, Montessori Children’s House is a small, child – centred environment that offers quality childcare for children aged 6 months to 6 years. We follow the Montessori philosophy and our centre values and philosophy are based on respect, love and a commitment to providing high-quality education and care.We are licensed for 44 children and have two buildings. Our Casa House is licenced for 30 (3 to 6 year old) children and our Nido House is licensed for 14 children (infants and toddlers).

“Building resilience, resourcefulness and reciprocity for a peaceful world Ka whakawhanake i te aumangea, ka rarahi ake i ngā rawa, ka tauutuutu i te rangimarie o te ao hurihuri nei”

Our centre logo symbolizes who we are: we teach from the heart and aroha is what is embedded in our teaching practice and our relationships with our children, whanau and kaiako. Each child unfolds their uniqueness at different times and in different ways and our koru depicts that unfolding and the passion we have for nurturing each child’s learning journey.

Our teachers are Montessori trained and New Zealand ECE qualified. We recognize that children need a supportive environment to thrive and our environment is a child centred space that offers this. Each child is able to grow according to their own needs and wants. Interruptions are kept to a minimum. In our environment, children are empowered to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their learning. We believe that each child has unique learning capabilities and interests which are identified, encouraged, planned for and fostered, whilst allowing the child to set their own pace.

Our Philosophy, Values and Vision

At Montessori Children’s House, we believe that our children are our future and we need to provide a strong foundation that allows for a child to grow in all areas of their early years. Children need to know that they are valued and respected for who they are and it is our belief that each child at Montessori Children’s House will feel that sense of value within the environment.

We value our families and respect that they are the child’s first teacher. It is important to have respectful and reciprocal relationships with whanau and we aim to maintain an open door policy so that our tamariki get the best possible opportunities to foster their unique selves.

Love and laughter is what we do and we aim to have a happy, healthy and safe environment for all at Montessori Children’s House.

We know that at this age, children learn best with their hands and our uniquely designed materials provide for concrete learning experiences throughout the day. We aim to inspire creativity, curiosity, imagination, leadership and the potential goodness and greatness in each and every child. At Montessori, children will experience an environment in which they feel welcomed, respected and part of a community of learners, where learning is fun and independence is fostered. The children relate positively to others and learn to be proud of who they are, where they come from and what they can do. They learn to make decisions and active choices for themselves and develop a love of learning which we believe will last throughout their lives.

Our vision is to enable every child at Montessori to get the best possible experiences and know that this is their place, to be who they are, where respect and collaboration is the core of our community of learners. Our children will have the opportunity to follow their intrinsic motivation by making their own choices and knowing that each and every one of them is valued and an important member of our centre. We believe that this will empower our children to enter the world with resilience resourcefulness and reciprocity to ensure positive outcomes for themselves and society. Our vision is, therefore, to bring out the best in every child that is at Montessori Children’s House.